FoNOAA Urges Congress to Avoid Damaging Cuts to NOAA in FY2011

As supporters, stakeholders, employees, and partners of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Friends of NOAA is strongly opposed to cutting the NOAA budget below the President’s Request of $5.6 billion for Fiscal Year 2011. Reductions would result in weakened core programs, major infrastructure deficits, and diminished capabilities to address hazards and disasters that affect America’s economy, national security, and environment. We request your support in opposing cuts to NOAA’s budget and maintaining funding at the $5.6 billion level…

FY11 2011-03-10 FoNOAA to Congress re- FY10 CR, FY11 Approps

FY11 2011-02-13 FoNOAA to Congress re- FY10 CR, FY11 Approps

Senators Support Increasing NOAA Budget in FY2011 and Beyond

Our oceans and coasts are sources of great economic and environmental wealth for the nation. The ocean and coastal economies of the United States produce over 50 million jobs for Americans and contribute nearly 60 percent of our Gross Domestic Product. Over one-third of our nation’s economy is sensitive to weather and climate. the strength of our “Blue Economy” depends on the health of our oceans and coasts, the communities they support, and strong federal leadership to conserve and manage these resources…

FY11 2009-08-10 Letter Senate CST OAFCG to DOC, OMB re- FY11 Budget