School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

The School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a world-class research and academic institution focused on informing solutions to some of the world’s most vexing problems.  Through an integrated, comprehensive, and sustained system of Earth and planetary observations, research, and education, SOEST staff work to transform the way people live on Earth by enabling a healthy public, economy, and planet.

Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, SOEST facilities provide convenient access to active volcanoes, deep ocean habitats, vibrant coral reefs, and the most isolated terrestrial ecosystem in the world.  SOEST faculty and staff are recognized as international leaders in research, innovation, and education on topics as diverse as alternative energy, microbial oceanography, volcanology, cosmochemistry, and climate modeling.

The 250 faculty within SOEST teach and mentor baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral students focused on geology and geophysics, climate sciences, biological, chemical, and physical oceanography, meteorology, planetary sciences, marine biology, and ocean and resources engineering. With an ocean class research vessel, 6,000 meter capable ROV, one coastal and the deepest ocean cabled observatory, a satellite fabrication facility, a private island devoted to marine biology research, and dozens of other specialized laboratories, students within SOEST are trained on state-of-the-art facilities and mentored in the field as well as the classroom.