Integrated Systems Solutions

Integrated Systems Solutions, Inc (ISS) is a service disabled, veteran-owned small business that specializes in program management, system engineering, strategic planning, acquisition policy, information technology, and program control. The ISS staff has senior management experience in managing numerous multi-agency initiatives. Within NOAA ISS currently supports the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Services Branch, Tsunami Services Branch, NOAA Chief Financial Officer and the Next Generation Air Transportation System Weather Working Group.  Over the past 2 years, ISS has experienced tremendous growth, nearly tripling in size within 12 months. The ISS team has a proven track record of success and substantial expertise working with client organizations to solve complex organization and management problems. The typical senior ISS team member has a MA/MS degree and 19 years’ experience in the field. Our approach to both client and employee relationship is based on mutual respect and trust, where we are able to work as part of a team to address individual and organizational needs. ISS is dedicated to providing process expertise, project management and “best practice” experience. Through our unique program planning process and Strategic Visual Information Mapping approach to complex situations, we are able to transfer knowledge and capabilities as a natural by-product of our involvement with a client.